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Vietnamese Coffee Stout Flip

We left our hearts (and stomachs) in Vietnam.  By far one of our favorite places to visit, Vietnam is full of delicious culinary delights.  Walk down any street in Hanoi or Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) and you will be overwhelmed with a great variety of street food made with incredibly fresh ingredients.  Some unusual (duck embryo or raw blood soup, anyone?), but nearly all very tasty.  Vietnamese food is all about balance – soft and crunchy, salty and sweet, cooling and warming, fresh and fermented.

While we were in Saigon we had the pleasure of trying one of Vietnam’s more unusual, but also most delicious beverages, Cà Phê Trứng Da or Vietnamese Egg Coffee.  Hold on a minute, did you just say egg coffee?  Yes, yes we did.  But trust us, it is simply divine.  The drink is served either hot or cold and is composed of rich Vietnamese coffee on the bottom and silky smooth egg custard on top (whipped egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk). 

If you happen to be in Saigon and would like to try one yourself (and you should!), head over to Cafe Pho Co, one of the city’s best-kept secrets.  Enter through the silk shop on the ground floor and order your coffee before heading up the 4 winding flights of stairs to the top floor for breathtaking views of Hoan Kiem Lake.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the controlled chaos of motorbikes whizzing down below.  

We’ve tried in vain to find a Vietnamese restaurant in New York City that makes Cà Phê Trứng Da, but our searching has gone unrewarded.  We’ve tried making it at home, but it never comes out quite right.  Perhaps it just tastes best while sitting on little plastic chairs with the hum of motorbikes zooming by.  So instead, we decided to use this drink as inspiration for a new cocktail that we hope you’ll enjoy.  As they say in Vietnam, một, hai, ba, vô (1, 2, 3, cheers!)!

Vietnamese Coffee Stout Flip
makes 1 drink

1.5 oz brewed Vietnamese or chicory coffee, cooled*
2 oz bourbon
2 oz stout (we used Left Hand Milk Stout)
1.5 bar spoons or teaspoons sweetened condensed milk
1 whole egg
nutmeg for garnish

Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice and strain into a highball glass with ice. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

*For directions on how to properly brew Vietnamese coffee with a coffee filter set go here.  If you can't be bothered, you can just brew Vietnamese coffee or chicory coffee with a regular coffee maker.

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